spatula for thick coatings.

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the new building spatula



Trowel and American spatula: how Refrat works

Spatulas of various shapes and sizes are employed in coating processes: in the building sector, a spatula consisting of a slab with a handle, also called trowel or American spatula, is used.

Refrat is all this, but also much more!


Much more than a simple trowel!

Multi-coloured decorations, painting and refinishing works

In the field of plastering and coating, it is known that one of the worst drawbacks of using classic American spatulas is the need of spreading the product as quickly as possible and in small quantities to prevent it from falling off the spatula.
This implies a great waste of time, as well as attention and effort by the operator, who must work fast and in complete concentration.

Thanks to Refrat spatula, Restyle Innovation offers a solution to this problem! 

Thanks to Refrat, you can improve the following performances:
– Reducing coating working times compared to traditional spatulas.
– Reducing the operator’s physical effort.
– Ensuring the deepest guarantees of reliability and safety in use. 

The containing structure thus created allows increasing the quantity of the loaded material so that a greater work surface is covered with each implemented load.

Reduced effort for the operator and greater working efficiency.


Once you've tried it, you can't help it!

Waste reduction
Work facilitation
Solidity of the materials
Made for the professional
Made in Italy


Product descriptions and features

Refrat spatula is suitable for works with thick coatings and is made of the following components:

  • A containing structure associated with a sheet-like body, which allows to collect the material that will be coated

Technical features

36cm width
12cm depth
4cm shoulder height


Plaster and building equipment

The plaster and building tools patented by Restyle Innovation are the result of many years of experience in the field and careful study of the working processes.

In fact, Restyle Innovation tries to find tools that can improve and facilitate construction and painting works precisely because for years it had to find solutions in the field.

From this study and experience, Refrat was born, the spatula for thick coatings, which will improve the result of your work!

All the products offered by Restyle Innovation are suitable for professionals, but also for DIY lovers.

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