Plastic Paint Cans ADESET


Plastic Paint Cans ADESET is designed for touch-ups, whitewashing or decorations that require different colors but small quantities.
It will be possible to decorate and transport the colors in a single solution without waste or with the risk of spilling everything.
Thanks to Adeset it will be possible to insert the colors in the appropriate glasses, up to a maximum of 5, and the brushes in the appropriate seats (slots or holes).
Subsequently, Adeset can be inserted and fixed in the bucket and transported comfortably to the desired place.

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Paint container: color and decorate without waste

With the Adeset paint and varnish containers you will be able to color and decorate without waste.
In particular, you will not have to buy any other tools because it will be enough to insert it in the standard painters bucket.
Furthermore, thanks to the innovative single lids, the paint will always remain as new and will not run the risk of falling during work.
The ADESET Plastic Paint Cans is a great tool for professional painters, decorators and DIY enthusiasts. It will allow you to color your walls or decorate details, with all the colors you prefer without the risk of wasting them!

All sizes of our Plastic Paint Cans ADESET for decoration paint

All sizes of our Plastic Paint Cans ADESET for decoration paint:

circular frame of 283.82MM diameter with stabilizing hooks that bring it to 302.16MM
Central handle for extraction and insertion
5 reinforcing ribs at the top and 5 at the bottom, to prevent bending when fully loaded.
4 Hooks with reinforcing ribs that protrude at the top, with the function of hooking to the edge of the bucket to stabilize it when it is inserted for use
5 cup holder seats with a diameter of 95 mm
3 Brush holder slots 29mm x 12mm R5
One area with 4 brush holder holes D7.60 / D10.40 / D11.30 / D11.30
A second zone with 3 brush holder holes D11.30 / D12.50 / D16.10
5 glasses characterized by:
bottom diameter 89.11
top diameter with a conical variation from 95.6 mm to 104.00 mm
in2 mm thick with R2.5, which has the function of stopping the glass in the appropriate seat of the frame
height 100mm
six vertical ribs placed on the upper circular wall every 60º height 26.08 with a thickness of 5 mm which have the function of stopping when the glass is inserted into the seat of the frame without blocking it.

The Colour Palette Of The Building Industry!
The new multi-container for colours that makes your work more professional and practical.
Find out how it works and how to use it here:

Multi-container for painting ADESET


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