Plastering trowel REFRAT


Plastering trowel: our spatula tool construction REFRAT

REFRAT is a spatula tool construction, also called Plastering trowel. It is equipped with a plate equipped with a handle, which is used for Thick Coatings.
The REFRAT Plastering trowel is created for professionals by professionals in the sector, precisely to respond to a real working need.
Its main feature, unlike Plastering trowel, is in the containment structure arranged on the slab which allows to increase the quantity of material loaded in order to cover a greater work surface with each load made.
Time and product savings for a perfect job without waste!

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Coating equipment: the Refrat trowel

Refrat is not just a trowel but a tool that allows you to optimize the whitewashing work of the coverings both in terms of timing and economics and quality, thanks to its innovative design.
In fact, in the field of construction equipment, it is known that one of the major drawbacks of using classic trowels is that of having to spread as quickly as possible and in small quantities to prevent the falling offof the product from the trowel.
With the Refrat Plastering trowel, a new way of plastering coverings is born! It is going to allows you to:

– Reduce spreading times compared to traditional trowels.
– Reduce the physical effort of the operator.
– Ensure the broadest guarantees of reliability and safety in use.
It is also a 100% made in Italy product and made with solid materials.
The REFRAT Plastering trowel is created for professionals by professionals!

REFRAT a new way to work on coating

REFRAT Plastering trowel is used for spreading thick coatings and is made up of the following components:

A containing structure associated with a sheet-like body that allows you to collect the material to be spread

The technical characteristics are:
• Measures:
36cm wide
12cm deep
4cm shoulder height

• Materials:

Discover all the details and the tutorial at this link:

Refrat spatula for thick coatings


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