MARPEN Multifunction Wall Paint Brush

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The MARPEN Multifunction Wall Paint Brush is Ideal for Edges of Walls, Arches, Doors and Windows.

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MARPEN is a brush used to define and draw arches and edges of walls, geometric shapes with consequent profiling of the same or simply to draw circles.
Decorating your home and defining all the details has never been easier!

How do I use MARPEN, the wall paint brush?

Marpen is a wall paint brush that could be used as a normal brush, but thanks to his handle it becomes a Multifunctional tool.
The Marpen Wall Brush Handle can be used in construction, bricolage, interior decoration, DIY and on all those occasions where it is necessary to define the edges of arches or curved geometric figures.

How does MARPEN work?

The MARPEN handle which can be used as a wall brush to decorate, create wall contour edges, trace arcs or curved geometric figures, can be used in various ways.
The handle is made up of two parts: a part of holes spaced one centimeter apart and a protrusion which represents the zero point for measuring wall edge distances.

This last part, or rather the hook, can perform the functions of stop, stabilizer and spacer for traces on the jambs of doors, windows and arches and as a brush hanger.

Painting edges, corners and arches will no longer be a problem

With MArpen, painting edges, corners and arches will no longer be a problem!
Marpen Multifunctional Handle all allows you to work quickly and easily, and to independently create various borders with the possibility of making circles.
Here are some of the features of MARPEN, the wall paint brush:

1 create wall borders
2 create borders for doors and windows
3 create edges of arcs
4 create circles
5 Hook and brush hanger functionality
6 less weight and less material used thanks to the presence of the holes
7 Lower production cost due to less material used.
Find out how to use, tutorials and MARPEN video at this link:

pennello multifunzione

Pennello MARPEN


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