ALIFILT Paint Filter

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ALIFILT Paint Filter is an innovative product that allows you to filter the wall paint once it has already been opened and used, preventing the falling of dried paint around the edges into the diluted paint.
If the dried paint ends up in the roller or on the walls, it could compromise the work.
Thanks to the ALIFIT paint filter, the paint will always remain properly diluted and ready for a Restyle of your walls!
Created for professionals by professionals!

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How to filter wall paint

The ALIFILT Paint Filter, easy and practical to use, allows you to save time by avoiding resorting to improvised filtering techniques which do not ensure the positive outcome of the job and also require the participation of other people.
With the ALIFIT paint filter you will be able to save on processing times and carry out your work independently, with a substantial improvement in the finishes.
To use the paint filter, simply place the filter on the paint bucket and pour the paint to be filtered into the bucket.

Technical characteristics of the ALIFIT paint filter

The ALIFIT paint filter exists in two different sizes:
Filter for large 14L/15L paint buckets
Filter for small 4L/5L buckets
Designed to be used also in 12lt/8kg oval paint buckets
Find out how it works, the tutorial and further technical details at this link:


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