The colour palette of the building industry!

The new multi-container for colours that makes your work more professional and practical.

Practical and simple to use

Adset is designed for refinishing works, paintings and decorations that require different colours but in small quantities.



the multi-container for decorating and refinishing works with different colours

Adset has been conceived and studied for refinishing works, paintings and decorations with different product or colour types in small quantities.

Especially suitable for the painting and decorating sector, for refinishing and decorating works that require the use of different colours.

In fact, thanks to Adset, you can insert the colours in the appropriate cans, up to a maximum of 5, and the brushes in the appropriate seats (holes).

You can then insert and fix Adset in the bucket and move everything comfortably with one hand, without running the risk of spilling the paint contained in the cans that are properly stuck in their seats.


Makes every new painting or decoration perfect!

Multi-colour decorating, painting and refinishing works

Adeset is designed for refinishing works, paintings and decorations that require different colours but in small quantities.

Until now, this process has been carried out inserting 3/4 small containers separated by the brushes into a larger bucket. This meant on the one hand running the risk of the containers overturning as they were not locked, on the other hand that the brushes could get dirty with other colours (or that they could dirty the bucket), making the work uncomfortable and unprofessional.

With Adeset set, it will be easier to decorate or paint multi-coloured details or walls, keeping the different tools in order, without wasting time or material, optimizing the quality and duration of the works.
Adeset reveals itself as the colour palette of the building industry, which makes every new painting or decoration perfect!


the multi-container for colours

Once you’ve tried it you can’t do without!

Waste reduction
Solidity of materials
Designed for professionals
Made in Italy


Product description and features

Multi-colour container completely in polypropylene material to be used in construction, DIY and the like.

  • circular frame with a diameter of 283.82 mm or, more precisely, 302.16 mm considering the stabilizing hooks
  • central handle for extraction and insertion
  • 5 reinforcement ribs in the upper part and 5 in the lower part, to avoid flexion when it is fully loaded
  • 4 hooks with reinforcing ribs that protrude in the upper part, with the function of clasping to the edge of the bucket to stabilize it when in use
  • 5 can holder seats with a diameter of 95 mm
  • 3 brush holder holes 29mm x 12mm R5
  • An area with 4 brush holder holes D7.60 / D10.40 / D11.30 / D11.30
  • A second area with 3 brush holder holes D11.30 / D12.50 / D16.10

Zero additional costs

Everything is assembled so that it can be used inside the standard bucket for painters.

Zero waste

Single caps to preserve the freshness of your paint. 

In addition to the two frames, there are 5 cans characterized by:

  • 11 mm lower part diameter
  • upper part diameter with a conical variation from 95.6 mm to 104.00 mm
  • 2 mm thick with R2.5, which has the function of locking the can in the appropriate seat of the frame
  • 100 mm height
  • six vertical ribs placed on the upper circular surface every 60°, height 26.08, 5 mm thick, which act as a stop when the can is inserted into the frame seat without locking it.

Painting and decoration tools

The painting and decoration tools patented by Restyle Innovation are the result of many years of experience in the field and careful study of the working processes.

In fact, Restyle Innovation tries to find tools that can improve and ease painting and decoration works, precisely because for years it had to find solutions in the field that could facilitate these tasks.

From this study and experience, Adset was born, the multi-container for colours, which will improve the time and ease of your work!

All the products offered by Restyle innovation are suitable for professionals, but also for DIY lovers.

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